Friday, October 12, 2012

HAWKINS: A School on the Move

A couple years ago, Hawkins went through some major changes – a change in leadership, a change in staffing, a change in perspective, a change in direction.

We are now seeing the results of those changes: a complete turn-around from what was considered a failing school to a successful one.

One thing that did not change was the students and our commitment to them.

Hawkins Elementary is a wonderful school with outstanding support from our parents and the community. We have one of the strongest and most active PTA’s in the district. Ekklesia Hattiesburg has placed a person here to support the work the staff is doing and our students have certainly benefited from that partnership.

We brought in teachers from all across the district to give some new ideas and new focus to Hawkins. We wanted the best ideas and practices from all of our schools to come together to help lift up our students and reach them in new and innovative ways.

Also, we found a new school leader. A principal who could focus all of the new energy and people on the one common goal of improving student achievement. Donna Scott has done a tremendous job of implementing new strategies and creating a new atmosphere at Hawkins.

The work is not done, but Hawkins is certainly moving in the right direction and making great strides. Congratulations to everyone at Hawkins on the recent results of their hard work. Keep going!

James Q. Bacchus, Superintendent
Today’s Learners, Tomorrow’s Leaders!

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  1. It always takes a few years to see the fruits of the implemented changes. Great you stuck with it to reap the benefits!