Thursday, September 8, 2011

Preparing for Tomorrow

“Today’s Learners, Tomorrow’s Leaders!” is the motto for Hattiesburg Public Schools. Economic forecasters have stated that 65% of the jobs we are educating our eighth graders for today haven’t even been created yet. The state of Mississippi has taken a giant step forward by being one of the 45 states to adopt the Common Core State Standard (CCSS). The CCSS will support preparing students for college and career readiness, global competition, clarity and consistency on what is taught, equity that all students will be taught the same things, and requires collaboration among states, districts and community agencies. In order for us to prepare our learners today for leading tomorrow, we must engage them in their learning. Hats off to Ms. Aderholdt and Ms. Saucier, first grade teachers at Hawkins Elementary School, for bringing their students' reading to life by inviting Japanese students and their instructor from the University of Southern Mississippi to their class to share some cultural aspects related to the story the students read in class. It is the planning and engagement of teachers like this that will embrace the CCSS and prepare our students for tomorrow.

James Q. Bacchus

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  1. Thanks for highlighting this creative classroom experience. I would love to see even more creativity in teaching. I've found that it motivates students and energizes teachers. More experiential learning--field trips, outside visitors, creative connections between course material and the "real world," etc.